How to add ram to mac computer

Other manufacturers offer Mac-compatible RAM with the exact same specifications for less than half that price.

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When buying the upgrade from Apple, you're paying a premium for the piece of mind that comes with a guaranteed fit, but reputable third-party memory sellers typically offer guarantees on their memory, too. With non-upgradable models, your only option for more memory is to purchase it with the computer so Apple can put it in before shipping the laptop.

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 12222)

Important factors to remember are maximum capacity, the pin count on the modules, their speed and the type, usually DDR3. Also important, make sure you purchase small outline dual inline memory modules.

How to UPGRADE RAM in the (Mid 2017) 5K iMac & save $$$!

Find these specifications in your MacBook's manual or on Apple's website. Third-party RAM configuration tools help you choose compatible RAM for your computer if all those specs seem confusing or intimidating.

How to Upgrade RAM on Mac OS X

Instead of simply removing a small RAM cover on the bottom of your laptop, unibody MacBooks require you to remove the entire underside of the computer's body to access the RAM. Once the body is taken apart, the actual upgrade process is similar to a PC. Press the clips on either side of a memory module to unlock it, then pull it free.

Insert the new module at roughly the same angle lining the RAM module's notch with the memory slot's pin before pushing down on the module to lock it. Matt Koble has been writing professionally since Now nothing is perfect, so maybe some customers received defective ones but that goes for everything in life.

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The photo at this time is a little out dated here as they ship you the newer DDR3L which is the newest model with less heat buildup so it runs even faster. Mid West. This will increase performance. Between the 16gb and a Samsung ssd, my mid MacBook Pro is exceptionally fast. Boot up and loaded in to Lightroom in just under a minute. Works well bought it for a macbook pro inch, early , and it works as advertised and i have no complaints so far but i was little surprised about the shipping as this is delicate piece and it did not came up secured in the box it was dancing all over luckily it is still working.

Pros: Great price for the Memory,Good Quality product, I ran the memtest and it passed with flying colors. No kernel panics or glitches yet Cons: Packaging should be anti static and bind tightly even though I have not had any issues with the memory. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Arrived on time.

How to Upgrade iMac RAM: , , , , ,

I flipped over the mac min, popped out the old RAM, put these in in less then a minute. The I7 mini works so much better with 16GB, don't think twice about just do it. I ordered them today, got them today, installed them today and started using them today. Really easy to install essentially plug and play. It saved me so much money doing it myself versus paying Apple or another authorized person to do it. The install with a new battery took me about 5 minutes or less.

I plugged everything in and then closed the case and now my Macbook Pro runs like new! I ordered two sets of these for my dad's iMac and they fit and work perfectly. Don't buy anything that's not Apple Certified, I made that mistake twice before finding these. Cheaper brands end up arriving dead on arrival, cost you return shipping, and too much aggravation.

How to Find Which Mac Model You Have

It came sealed in a perfect container, keeping it extra safe, and was extremely easy to install. I highly recommend getting this. Can recommend!

Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Replaced my 4 Gb chips with these 16 Gb ones and immediately noticed the difference in speed.