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Toggle navigation Knowledge Base Knowledge Base. Keyboard layouts in Parallels Desktop for Mac users found this article helpful. Keyboard issues troubleshooting Available Translations: Get updates Download. Information Important: Parallels Tools should be installed in your virtual machine to provide this feature. Keyboard layouts in Parallels Desktop for Mac are inherited from Mac side. Change it to regular layout you prefer to use and save the changes. You learn pro photo retouching tips, how to work with text, personas, how to adjust color levels, and more.

Keyboard layouts in Parallels Desktop for Mac

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Saiba mais. Ver detalhes. Estonian Keyboard Layout View Estoniano. Switch shortcut keys to Haiku mode Keymap window Alternar teclas de atalho para o modo Haiku. Circumflex trigger Keymap window Tecla de circunflexo.

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Diaeresis trigger Keymap window Tecla de trema. Disabled Modifier keys window Do nothing Desabilitado. Error: duplicate keys Modifier keys window Erro: chaves duplicadas.

Como configurar teclado padrão americano no Windows 10

Lithuanian Keyboard Layout View Lituano. Left command Keyboard Layout View Comando esquerdo. Set modifier keys… Keymap window Definir modificador de teclas….

Right control Keyboard Layout View Control direito. Belgian point Keyboard Layout View Belga ponto.

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Switch shortcut keys Keymap window Mudas as teclas de atalho. Esperanto Keyboard Layout View Esperanto. Right shift Keyboard Layout View Shift direito.

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Key Modifier keys window As in a computer keyboard key Tecla. Ctrl key Modifier keys window Label of key farthest from the spacebar, usually Ctrle. Strg for German keyboard Tecla control.