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How can they not know of this issue. I have the same problem with my mac I recently upgraded to this from This is a retarded fix but what I do is I hold the mouse button for just a second when I want to single click. It happens directly after I double click on something and then single click in the same exact location that I did the double click on. Those mac programmers in cuppertino are stupid. My MX mouse started the same weird undesired double-click behavior about 3 weeks ago during either a Logitech update, or a Windows 7 or IE9 update.

Seems to be getting worse daily. None of the mice on other computers in the house display this behavior when connected USB or Wireless.

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Only the Logitech MX has this issue. The Logitech customer service people just give standard, canned answers that make no sense. This really sucks!!! Having this problem now. I removed the MT as a bluetooth device and then added it again. Nothing is working. Any ideas? I had the same problem. Logitech Performance MX mouse. Worked fine on windows 7 desktop, switched to macbook pro with Lion a few weeks back.

Impossible to work with. This is a lovely little shareware program that solved all compatibility issues immediately. You can use the free version which includes a few annoying messages when you use it, or pay 17 dollars for the full version, which works like a dream. Your email address will not be published. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it fall… yeah, it still makes a sound.

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Home Projects About Contact. Tagged: Apple , Fail , Mac. November 5, at am. Same problem on Steve says:. November 9, at pm. Steve Steiner says:. February 4, at pm. But with my new Macbook Pro i7 March model , it seems to dramatically reduce the battery life. Apparently it keeps the CPU active even though it uses only about. Activity Monitor shows it constantly active.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac OS X 10.5+ (IntelliJ IDEA) Keymap

Uninstalling it gave me about an additional hour of battery life - the difference between 4 and 5 hours. I am still experimenting, but it looks like I'll have to uninstall it except when I'm at a power source. Like 2. How to uninstall, i Tried with cleanapp, restarted, the control panel disappeared but the sounds are still there.

Autoclicker for Mac 

Just re-installed. I bought it a few months ago, in October, and really enjoyed it. But then Whenever I turned off my computer and turned it back on or even restart it I'd have to re-copy my permission code to my clipboard just so that the app recognizes that I bought it.

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Then after I have to jump thru hoops just to get it to work again. Right now I get no clicking sound, nothing.

Mac Seeing My Single Click As A Double Click | Witheringtree

Very aggravating and frustrating. An absolute waste of money. Btw, I'm using it with Mavericks. Just installed it on my iMac. Works ok with Mavericks This is a happy program. Distracting if not annoying for concentrating on writing. With my word processor today the computer is stone silent and the surrounding noise is distracting.

After the crash, your normal error announcement appears, but if you click on "Restart Aurora", first I get a message saying "Aurora is not your default browser, would you like to change your settings? The interrupted Aurora stays on except that it doesn't respond, and I have to end the process through force quitting.

AND yr browser should stay open, oblivious to what just happened I am currently running Mozilla without browser bundle and connecting it through TOR from FoxyProxy,Is their anyway my privacy can be intruded?

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Is this a worry? Is there anyway to resize the Firefox 11 browser window and keep that setting for the next time it is opened? Right now, the browser opens at a set size which is smaller than what I want, then it sometimes automatically resets itself when using certain onion sites so that it is larger than my monitor, forcing me to resize the window each time I change pages at those sites.

When I use Firefox 11 without TOR, I can set the window size to fit my monitor and it stays that way practically forever, no matter what website I visit or how many times I start and restart Firefox. I just tried to install tor on both my mac's and had no luck. I am not particularly computer savvy, but it was a little frustrating because when I tried to install it from instructional web install videos, my experience in no way resembled that of the content maker.

Are you saying that the current version just does not work with mac and has to be fixed? If so, that would explain my experience.

Macintosh Auto Clicker with Configurable Keyboard Shortcut

Nothing I did would work. This will also add to client security as many spammers and "front organizations" which post links in forums and blogs like this post only to track users participating in useful discussion. Maybe it's not related to the newest version of TOR, I don't think so.

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When I click on those new options there in "the ticket blog", where most articles now lead to, funnily, I don't like those words "The ticket", it sounds evil and I'm the only goth here and evil is evil and period. No posting, no nothing. I am just operating system supporter and not some net freak, alright?

Crashes sometimes on Mac OS To the person above enquiring about 'prefetch option', I believe there is a Firefox add-on for this. It is called 'Request Policy'. It allows one to choose which site to be prefetched.