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Adobe created the software, but Apple refused to allow Flash onto the iOS.

How to re-enable older Flash in Safari - CNET

Apple's blocking of the Flash player for iPhone was a problem for any web-based games that used Flash or services like Hulu , which streamed video online using a Flash player eventually Hulu released a native iPhone app that solved this problem. Without Flash for the iPhone, those sites didn't work. Despite criticism and pressure from Adobe, Apple didn't budge from its position. It chose instead to wait for the Flash-free standards in HTML5 to replace some of the features Flash offered to websites.

Adobe Releases First Flash Player 11.3 Beta For Mac OS X

Ultimately, that decision was proven right, given that HTML5 has become dominant, apps have matched many features that only Flash used to offer, and most browsers are blocking Flash by default. Apple's anti-Flash stance was controversial at the outset.

It stirred so much discussion that Steve Jobs himself penned a letter explaining the decision on Apple's website. Steve Jobs' reasons for Apple's refusal to allow Flash onto the iPhone were:. While you can argue about some of those claims, it's true that Flash is designed for a mouse, not a finger. If you've got an iPhone or iPad and have browsed older websites that use hover-activated drop-down menus created in Flash for navigation, you've probably seen it too. You tap a nav item to get the menu, but the site interprets that tap as a selection of that item, rather than triggering the menu, which takes you to the wrong page and makes it hard to get to the right one.

That's frustrating.

It's time to uninstall Adobe's Flash from your Mac - here's how

Business-wise, Adobe was in a difficult position. For most of the s, the company dominated web audio and video, and had a big stake in web design and development, thanks to Flash. Note that even after you have installed Flash on your Mac, it won't necessarily remain there.

Adobe Flash Player Update Mac OS X

Flash tends to disappear from your Mac every time you update the Mac operating system, so you may need to install Flash again in the future. If you have chosen to install Flash in order to view video and other content, and later decided to uninstall it, this article outlines how to uninstall Flash Player on Mac.

How to get Flash Player plug-in on Mac

You may also see the alert: "Blocked Plug-in" when attempting to view Flash content in Safari. Flash Player often stops working on a Mac. This is because Apple will automatically block Flash if the version on your system is out of date. It always helps to free up the RAM by closing out of other applications that could be running in the background.

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