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I hacked so many beans onto my game, Mario and Luigi have maxed out stats. Thank you so much! I used this mainly for backup saves for my Pokemon games. Aside from that, Powersaves works amazing when it comes to cheats! It has all the cheats that I need especially for accessing wonder card events that are not available in my country. Datel, keep them coming please. Works amazingly! I got unlimited zen for monster hunter freedom unite, and a really cool new charge axe. It takes a new path to hack games, this time using a computer as a main source instead of the 3DS.

Just plug into your computer, boot up the program, plug in your game, select the codes you want, and it will create a new save file on the cartridge with the modified stuff, keeping all your data. You can even back up your data so you don't lose anything. You guys are geniuses! It is a cool cheating device I like to make my pokemon shiny. Its great and in games like Pokemon it really helps you out I mean there are so many cheats for Pokemon like event only Pokemon and some event Pokemon for a specific countries and is cool for people in the US cuz Japan has so many event Pokemon that are exclusive to them it's unfair.

Now don't be think it's just Pokemon cheats HELL NO there are some cheats for all most every game for the 3ds now some have less cheats than others but hopefully they will had cheats to games like fossil fighters. I would recomend you back up your save which you can easily do in the power saves software. Works great with major game titles.

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Wonderful, great device! I had a huge list of pokemon I wanted, hundreds, some I never thought I'd get, like the Japan exclusive ash hat pikachu, but thanks to this, I got every last pokemon I wanted, and more. It was well worth the money just to have my shiny checklist completed, let alone the rest of the stuff I got in my game from it. I'm just a casual pleb and didn't want to grind out eggs for different pokemon. I was nervous about buying it but I'm really glad I did. It works perfectly and I have no issues with it whatsoever.

I only wish it worked with digital game copies, since I bought digitally before knowing this existed. Now I just hope it gets updated as new games come out, like the stupid new "ultra" sun and moon. Im hoping Tri-force heroes gets cheats soon.

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Can't believe I didn't know about this for so long, can't live without my Powersaves now I have it, can get cheats for so many of my games now! Don't even mind the Prime thing, I pay 99p for songs on iTunes so don't really see much difference. Powersaves is amazing! I can quickly finish my game without any stress and it takes no time at all!

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Its so cool! PowerSaves Pro is super awesome!!!

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  • It lets me get any Pokemon I want in less than 3 minutes!! I would recomend this item to anyone who likes Pokemon. I got this a few months ago and was not disappointed. It's Simple to use, and many games are supported.

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    It's worth your money if you're thinking of purchasing it. Simple to use, love it very much! Got it for my wife cause she hated the fact that pokemon games had only certain pokemon in one verson then a different one in another like mawile is in ruby but not saphire it helped her out so much and im glad it did. Great Price Too! I was constantly grinding for a Shangri-La egg for a week!

    How to Use PowerSaves and Amiibo Bin Files

    I found this and it's not only fixed this issue, I also used it on Mario kart 7 to get all the parts! This is so OP in every game that I have! Thanks CodeJunkies and Datel! When i first used it it was easy from the start, with a few tutorials i was a master at the art of Power-saves also the setup was easy. Works perfectly! I purchased this product so I could backup my New Leaf game saves.

    It works as intended. You can backup and restore. Be aware that the server for backing up and restoring saves goes offline at times, but that has rarely happened in my experience. The amount of cheat codes available is great! This product is wonderful and I highly recommend it! Once you install the software and launch it, you will be asked to log in and provide the serial from the paper inside the packaging. Log in and insert the game you want to modify and the cheat code menu will show up. From there you can choose any of the cheats you want to apply.

    Old school devices like Gameshark or Game Genie worked by modifying the game while it was live and in action. This allowed for things like infinite lives or invincibility.


    This made creating new Pokemon so much faster and easier. Here are some of the cheats I used on Pokemon Omega Ruby:. Tags: 3DS handheld pokemon video games. October 5, October 11, November 18,